Alex Nagy

When it comes to approaching what matters most, with the fervor that it takes to propel oneself forward despite the challenges that everyday life presents, one need look no further than American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Professional Motocross Racer, Alex Nagy.

What do we mean, you ask?! Try this on for size. Because Alex doesn’t currently ride for a sponsoring motorcycle manufacturer, he is considered a Privateer in the Motocross industry. This means that as opposed to having his equipment specifically designed, professionally transported and serviced/prepped for him race to race, while he enjoys the comfort of air travel and hotel stays from one race venue to the next (and other perks), Alex loads himself and his equipment into a Ford F350 Pickup, and drives to every race that he participates in across the nation, often times driving from his home state of Illinois to various states along the west coast of the United States. This involves catching cat naps where he can on the road, arriving at race venues a day or two in advance of events to prepare his equipment and himself, competing on race day, and hitting the road shortly thereafter to do it all over again.

Alex’s commitment to the Motocross sport that he loves has earned him a respectable reputation in the industry, and fully embodies the LIKE YOU LIVE brand. GO GETTERS dress here!

Jessica Holmes

It’s 6:30AM Monday morning, and it’s out of bed and into the shower. A bit of breakfast by 7:30AM, because it’s important to be properly fueled for the day’s upcoming demanding Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) educational activities. 3PM, and school is letting out, but there’s still work to be done. Off to the day’s piano lesson! Piano lesson concludes at 4:15PM, now it’s time to get home to address the day’s homework assignments. Two hours later, homework not quite complete, but now it’s time to make way for the day’s 6:45PM swim team practice. Not a problem, it’s pool time! Two and a half hours later, and it’s time to get back home for a post-workout snack and homework wrap-up. Homework complete, now it’s shower time to wash away the sweat of a hard day’s work, and get some well-deserved shuteye.

You know what you didn’t hear throughout the synopsis of this day’s events? Not a single mention of a whimper! That’s because Jessica Holmes (the young lady that put in all the aforementioned work) didn’t. Jessica knows that life doesn’t accept excuses, and she doesn’t offer them! Be it unto you, LIKE YOU LIVE!  

Eric Small

From the University of Minnesota Golden Gopher gridiron, to strength competition stages across the nation, champion Strongman, Eric Small, does it like he lives.

A competitor at his core, Eric doesn’t just have dreams, he pursues them. A top shelf Certified Personal Trainer by trade, and a striving Strongman 24/7.

Despite standing 6’2” tall, with biceps the size of cantaloupe, one of the biggest aspects of Eric’s strength is his heart. No spectator of any Strongman competition that Eric has competed in since blowing out both of his knees in 2013 would ever suspect that he has experienced such devastating injury. No doubt this is the result of Eric’s NO CRUTCH ZONE! Eric is fully aware that as sure as snow is white, life happens, and it is not averse to throwing challenges our way. So, post knee surgery, Eric used the challenge that life dealt him as motivation. No crutches allowed (mentally of course), Eric embarked on a journey to re-strengthen himself like never before. From early morning Physical Therapy appointments, to late night gym training sessions, and many other things in-between, Eric essentially re-built himself, and has gone on to achieve numerous victories amidst his Strongman endeavors, culminating in his attainment of professional Strongman status in 2017. DON’T BE A VICTIM, BE STRONG!